About Ann Gonzales

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Ann Gonzales Is...

an author, artist and spiritual seeker. Since 2003 she has been exploring spirituality through writing, meditation, painting and yoga. In 2016 she travelled to India where she had a profound spiritual awakening. It was on this trip that “Beloved and the Pepper Tree” was written in one sitting. She believes it was a download…a gift directly from The Divine. Since then, Beloved has taken her on a magical journey allowing her to meet people and have experiences she otherwise would not have had. Much like the little girl in the story, Ann opened herself to receive the gift of change and the results have been extraordinary.

When she is not writing Ann can be found facilitating Easel Does It - Art for Healing and Recovery workshops. These workshops use paint, collage and other art mediums to help sufferers of trauma, abuse and grief give “voice” to emotions otherwise not expressed. She also enjoys painting, reading and traveling. Ann lives in Southern California with her beloved dog Roxy and her bossy cat Ziggy.

About the book “Beloved and the Pepper Tree”


Beloved is best friends with the Pepper Tree who lives down the hill from her house. She loves the Pepper Tree because it gives her shade to read in and branches to climb. When Mama tells Beloved they are moving away, Beloved is heartbroken. But the Pepper Tree has one last gift: a gift to help Beloved cope when everything changes.