Beloved and the Pepper Tree

Beloved and the Pepper Tree is a story about a little girl’s friendship with a tree. One day her mother tells her they will be moving, and Beloved must face moving forward and saying goodbye to her friend.

Beloved and the Pepper Tree 1.jpg

Writing Beloved

Beloved and the Pepper Tree was written in India. I was on a spiritual quest and was staying in an ashram in a little town called Thirumalaikodi. I spent my days in meditation, chanting and attending devotional ceremonies. In this mystical land, I felt closer to my Creator than ever before.

One night I received a blessing from a spiritual teacher. The next morning I sat bolt upright in bed, grabbed my journal and the story of Beloved and the Pepper Tree came spilling out in one sitting. It felt more like I was scribing the story than writing it…it happened so quickly.

Beloved is a beautiful story on many levels. It’s about friendship, facing challenges, growing and growing up and saying goodbye.  It’s about finding ways to cope with change. It is about understanding that we never really say good bye because we carry those we love in our hearts forever. —Ann Gonzales